Kendallville Heritage Association
  To preserve, honor and build upon the heritage of Kendallville Indiana.

On Monday, April 26, 2010, the Kendallville Heritage Association meeting was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Kendallville Public Library.  In attendance were: Ray Scott, Tom Leedy, Mary Hartman, Dave Christianson, Eric Daniels, Sarah Knopp and Becky Daniels.
Minutes of the January meeting were approved.
Treasurer Report given.   Dave paid the Noble County Historical Society membership dues and the Secretary of State fee.  Membership dues of $10 are due.  Dues can be brought to the next meeting or mailed to Dave Christenson.
Guest, Sarah Knopp, Secretary of the Noble County Historical Society and Noble County Historian who recently replaced her father, Bob Gagen, reported on the history of the group and their presence in the county.  Sarah had assisted her dad in gathering information for other people for a long time.  The Noble County Historical Society is celebrating their 40th anniversary. 
Tom Leedy suggested that we work towards connecting Kendallville Heritage Association and Noble County Historical Society. Both groups have a focus.  But we could work together to market the entire county and the many landmarks within it.  We could work to create a package that shows visitors what landmarks are here and how to get to them.  Sarah Knopp and Mary Hartman will look into the displays available from the Old Jail Museum and the Kendallville Library.  Sharing these displays may be a good way to get started making the connection between the groups.  Sarah Knopp would like to talk to John Bry at the Noble County Convention and Visitor's Bureau to see what possibilities there are to draw tourism.
Eric Daniels reported that we had 161 visits to the website.  The number of hits are increasing.  Eric will contact the owners of the McCray Mansion to see if they have additional information to add for their home to the website.  Eric will contact Tom Leedy to go over his vision of the website layout.  Eric also plans to start scanning additional photos at the library to add to the website.
The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m., Monday, June 28, 2010 at the Kendallville Public Library.
Meeting adjourned.
Becky Daniels, Secretary