Kendallville Heritage Association
  To preserve, honor and build upon the heritage of Kendallville Indiana.

On Monday, September 28, 2009, the Kendallville Heritage Association meeting was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Kendallville Public Library conference room.In attendance were: Ray Scott, Terry Housholder, Dave Christianson, Mary Hartman, Eric Daniels and Becky Daniels.

Minutes of the July meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer, Dave Christianson, reported that there has been no change to the financials. 

Ray Scott reported on the status of the Historic Preservation Commission.  A presentation has been made at the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce board meeting and to the downtown merchants.  The ordinance is progressing with some opposition.  The goal of the ordinance is not to be restrictive but to preserve historic areas. 

Mary Hartman reported that the Kendallville Public Library will host a display of Paul Ashby's artwork during the month of October. 

Mary Hartman reported that the Russell Frehse collection has been cataloged by Judy Richter.  The next phase of the project will be to decide how best to preserve each category.  Mary will go through everything to see what is already available and what is new.  She will then put together a plan of action for proceeding with the collection.

 Tom Leedy gave an updated report on Thrive.  The first phase of this project has been completed.  The next phase will be to finish with the assessment of all the information gathered on community recourses.  The Noble County Historical Society is interested in partnering with our organization to prepare a Noble County Timeline.  Eric Daniels inquired about using the timelines left by Mr. Frehse.  Tom Leedy has reviewed the various timelines in the collection and felt they would be helpful, but they are not as detailed as needed for the timeline we would be creating.

Eric Daniels gave a status report on the KHA website.  There hasn't been much traffic to the website yet.  Once we put more content on the website,we should get more hits from the search engines.   Tom Leedy asked what thisgroup needs to do to help with the website.  Eric needs people to collect and organize information so that he can upload it to the website.  Terry Housholder will check to see what is available through KPC Media Groups archives.  We will just need to give credit to KPC Media Group when using their collected works.  Ray Scott will contact Mayor Handshoe, Kendallville Chamber of Commerce and the Kendallville Public Library to see if they will add links to our website.  Anyone interested in taking on a section of the website should contact Eric.

The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m., Monday, October 26, 2009 at the Kendallville Public Library, Meeting Rooms 1&2 .



Meeting adjourned.

Becky Daniels, Secretary